Halstead Leather

A small business which provides custom leather goods.

Last year I purchased a book I’d been longing for. After getting it, I was reading it so much and studying that the paper cover was starting to tear. But this isn’t about the book; I decided I wanted a leather cover to protect it, but I couldn’t find anything that fit or had designs I wanted. After hours of Googling dozens of leather work sites I found Halstead Leather. Browsing photos of his work, which was fantastic, I decided to contact Mathew. I knew I couldn’t afford anything fancy and just wanted to get an idea what a custom cover would cost. After some messages back and fourth I decided I wanted the basic Thor’s Hammer emblem on the front that is authorized by the US Military. We talked over the design and I sent Mathew some photos of the book using a tape measure to get an all over set of measurement’s. Mathew said he would start the work and keep me updated as it came along. Wow, he kept me informed every step of the way. He even sent photo’s of the work in progress. It took awhile to finish but I expected that since it was a custom cover being made from a set of cell phone photos. One day I received a message that the work was finished and being shipped to me. Honestly, I thought it would be nice but it probably wouldn’t fit; not any fault of Mathews, he only had a few photos to create a work of leather for a book he’d never seen. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I don’t know how he did it, but the cover fit perfect. The books paper covers slide inside the holding sleeves and the leather cover fit perfectly over them. Fantastic work! I’ve included photos of the cover but they don’t do it justice. The aged, distressed look to the leather is great, the leather strap attached to hold it closed still works like new after a year of use. Due to the amount of work, he only works on specific commissions. If you need leather work done, contact Mathew by email of message. You won’t be sorry you did.



The Asatru Edda( Sacred Lore of the North)[ASATRU EDDA][Paperback]

The Asatru Edda: Sacred Lore of the North

Pocket Havamal


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