Aunt Jae’s, Musings & Wisdom: “Honey, where’s the ketchup?”

I am curious if this applies to all men or just my guy, Slick A.K.A.
Brann MacRaibeirt. He tells me he has lived on his own but I have to wonder its validity. The years we have been together, he can’t seem to find anything; it can be right in front of him and he doesn’t see it. I know he’s not blind so how can this be? “Honey, where’s the ketchup?” I find my way to the refrigerator, only to see said item front in center at eyesight level to him.

I begin to wonder… how did he survive without me? What will he do when I’m gone? This leads me to think, hey, Maybe my superpower is finding his things, could be a new business venture for me. Is there others out there like him? are there others out there that possess my same superpower? 

If I can’t use my superpower as a side gig, I can rest easy knowing I am needed; just maybe he will keep me around awhile. After all, what would he do without ketchup on his burger or tater totes?

Aunt Jae, signing off with this advice: Turn off those phones, smile at everyone you see. Count those smile you get back. #startasmilechain #choosehappy


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