The Foundational Elements of your Soul:

You may think you are just an individual, alone and unnecessary, but you are the end result of all ancestral efforts and a thousand loves. There may be times when you feel you can’t go on, but your very blood carries the trace of a lineage that has survived wars, famine, disease, drought, freezing and heat. Regardless of your position in life, be proud of yourself. From one to another, from birth to birth, you came into this world from your mother and were given the divine gift of breath. You exist not as singular life form, but as a continuation of life, from ancestor to ancestor that stretches back to the beginning of time.

You stand on the shoulders of Giants
Feel their strength and stand tall!

I live and love because you lived and loved,
I speak and struggle because you spoke and struggled,
You live in me, as I will live in those who come after me.
Grant me the patience, O my beloved Dead,
To see the long view, and remember that what I do
Affects a million million souls I will never know.

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