2019 Morel season

One of my favorite times of the Missouri year is in March and April. Normally, this is when Morel season starts and gives us a chance to get out and traipse through the woods hunting the elusive fungus. Barring any rain or storms, we’ll be out this weekend crawling and walking through the woods. The first time I took my girlfriend with me, she thought I was crazy to eat Morels picked from the ground wild. Of course beginners luck kicked in and she found a patch with over seven pounds! She’s been hooked ever since. She usually finds the first one before I do, but that’s only because she’s closer to the ground.

As much as I like eating them, the hunt is what I enjoy the most. The weather is normally perfect to be getting some outdoor exercise; not too hot, not too cool. Wear layers so you can take some off and not overheat, and of course take plenty of water. After a somewhat sedentary winter, my thighs and legs tend to argue that this may be a little too much, but that’s all part of the hunt. The scrapes, the bruises all worth it. Of course there’s always Tylenol.

An article on KMBC says this year will be an “Epic” year for Morell hunters. Unfortunately, that also means there will be tons of people in the woods. My luck at finding them is usually slim to none, but I enjoy the hunt and exploring the Missouri hills and gully’s. Hopefully its not too crowded this year. I’m sure this will also effect the hunters that are out to collect them and make a profit since the Morel can run as high as $35.00 an ounce dried. Be aware since some, if not most, “roons” are poisonous, be sure of what your picking and eating!

Good luck, be careful and don’t forget the snakes are waking up out there too!


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